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Underage Drinking Laws

Underage Possession of Alcohol

Possession is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):
•  private residence
•  OR parent/guardian presence and consent
•  OR spouse

Underage Consumption of Alcohol

Consumption is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):
•  private residence
•  OR parent/guardian presence and consent
•  OR spouse

Internal Possession by Minors

Internal possession is not explicitly prohibited

Underage Purchase of Alcohol

Purchase is prohibited and there is NO ALLOWANCE for youth purchase for law enforcement purposes

Furnishing of Alcohol to Minors

Furnishing is prohibited WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION(S):
•  parent/guardian
•  OR spouse

Minimum Ages for On-Premises Servers and Bartenders

Beer 18 18
Wine 18 18
Spirits 18 18


Minimum Ages for Off-Premises Sellers

Beer Not specified
Wine Not specified
Spirits Not specified

Condition(s) that must be met in order for an underage person to sell alcoholic beverages:
•  manager/supervisor is present


False Identification for Obtaining Alcohol

Use of a false ID to obtain alcohol is a criminal offense
Penalty may include driver's license suspension through a judicial procedure

Retailer support provisions:
•  Licenses for drivers under age 21 are easily distinguishable from those for drivers age 21 and older
•  Specific Affirmative Defense - the retailer inspected the false ID and came to a reasonable conclusion based on its appearance that it was valid


Notes: In Louisiana, beginning January 1, 2000, and thereafter, special identification cards issued to applicants less than twenty-one years of age shall contain a highly visible distinctive color to clearly indicate that the card has been issued to an applicant less than twenty-one years of age. Special identification cards are to be accepted as valid identification of the person to whom it was issued but does not enable the person to whom it is issued to operate a motor vehicle. La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 40:1321.


Blood Alcohol Concentration Limits:
Youth (Underage Operators of Noncommercial Motor Vehicles)

BAC limit: 0.02  –  a BAC level at or above the limit is per se (conclusive) evidence of a violation

Applies to drivers under age 21


Keg Registration

Keg definition: four or more gallons

Purchaser information collected:
•  purchaser’s name and address –  verified by a government-issued ID

Warning information to purchaser: active – purchaser action required (e.g., signature)

Deposit: not required

Provisions do not specifically address disposable kegs


Loss of Driving Privileges for Alcohol Violations by Minors ("Use/Lose Laws")

Type(s) of violation leading to driver's license suspension, revocation, or denial:
•  underage purchase
•  underage possession
•  underage consumption

Use/lose penalties apply to minors under age 21

Authority to impose driver's license sanction: mandatory

Length of suspension/revocation:
minimum: 90 days
maximum: 365 days


Prohibitions Against Hosting Underage Drinking Parties

No State-imposed liability for hosting underage drinking parties

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